Telecommunication Providers

If you're unable to pay your telephone bill, please  contact your telecommunications provider to discuss how they can help. Help is available to keep you connected, especially if you are facing financial hardship due to the coronavirus.

Telecommunications providers will try to help if you receive a bill from them and can’t pay it.


They have to publish clear details on their websites such as:

  • how to contact them if you have trouble paying a bill

  • how to find a financial counsellor in your community

  • how they manage customer complaints 


Telecommunication providers also have a financial hardship policy. This helps when you can't meet your contract for reasons including illness, unemployment or domestic or family violence.

Your telecommunications provider will work with you to find a solution.

This is one of your rights under the Telecommunications (Consumer Complaints Handling) Industry Standard 2018

 and the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code 2019.


If you need free financial counselling or urgent help, see the MoneySmart website.

Here are some contact numbers and website links for telecommunications providers:

Amaysim: 1300 808 300 Supporting our Customers

Optus: 13 39 37 Coronavirus Support

Telstra: 13 20 00 Supporting you during Covid-19

TPG: 1300 365 313 Customer Service

Virgin Mobile: 1300 304 090 Financial Hardship Support

Vodafone: 1300 728 649 Covid-19 Support