Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021

Voluntary Assisted Dying

The Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich MP, has indicated that in 2021 he will be introducing a Private Members Bill to the NSW Parliament which looks to legalise Voluntary Assisted Dying.

Please be assured that my NSW Labor colleagues and I are listening to our communities on this matter. I am currently a patron of Volunteers for Palliative Care Maitland and a supporter of Friends of Palliative Care. After close consideration, I joined a diverse group of parliamentarians as a co-sponsor of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. This bill has the largest number of co-sponsors of any legislation ever presented to the NSW Parliament and has been the subject of wide consultation within the community.

I am very sensitive to people’s concerns and thoughts across the range of related views and I will work with my colleagues to ensure that the Bill is robust and life protecting, with significant checks and safeguards built into the proposed processes.

I understand that Labor Members will have a conscience vote when voluntary assisted dying is next discussed in Parliament. Last time this issue was discussed in the NSW Parliament, the proposed legislation did not pass through the Legislative Council to the Legislative Assembly, so unfortunately I was unable to vote or speak on the bill. I did, however, undertake a survey of my constituents, which showed that the vast majority of them were in favour of voluntary assisted dying.

I am hopeful that the next time this legislation comes before the NSW Parliament I am able to join the debate and vote on the bill, in accordance with my conscience and the wishes of the vast majority of my constituents.

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You can also read more about the proposed model for the legislation, by clicking here.