There has been an update to the nominated visitor or “single bubble” rule in the NSW Health Public Health Orders since Friday, 27 August.

Previously, if you wanted to have a nominated single bubble person rule, then they had to be in the same Local Government area as you..

  • The new rule now allows: If you live alone – which means there are no other adults who live in the same home – you can have a nominated visitor.

  • You do not need to register your nominated visitor if you both live in a regional area.

  • A nominated visitor is one person you can socialise with at your place of residence who: - can only be one person (and their dependent children, if there are no alternative care arrangements) - can visit you on more than one occasion - is not a nominated visitor for another person - lives in an area that is subject to the stay-at-home rules in regional NSW

  • This now means that if you live in the Maitland Local Government Area, and the person you want to have as your nominated visitor lives in the Port Stephens, Newcastle, Cessnock of Singleton Local Government Areas (for example), then you can form a bubble. Note, these are just examples, you can select a different Local Government Area, so long as it's in a Regional NSW area.

I know this will be very welcome news for many who have struggled with the same Local Government Area rule.

The new rule is in effect now, so talk to your nominated person, agree to for a bubble and then enjoy a visit with that good friend or a parent or a mate.