Gatherings for up to five fully vaccinated people

From 13 September, a person in a stay at home area can participate in an outdoor public gathering in a public place subject to the following limits:

  • A group of five persons may gather so long as all persons at least 16 years of age are fully vaccinated (i.e., two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or a person with a medical contraindication certificate). - Persons 12 years and under are not included amongst the five person limit (i.e., five adults may gather in addition to children aged 12 and under). - Persons 13 to 15 are counted as part of your 5, but don’t need to be fully vaccinated. - Persons 16 years and over must carry evidence of vaccination and produce it to a police officer on request.

If not fully vaccinated (or in possession of a medical contraindication certificate), outdoor gatherings remain limited to two persons.

Exercise and outdoor recreation (for both vaccinated & non-vaccinated people) must continue to take place within the local government area in which the person resides, or, if someone lives on a LGA border, no further than five kilometres into another LGA from the place of residence.

Public place means a public park, public reserve or other place which the public are entitled to use.