COMMUNITY RECOGNITON STATEMENT - Maitland Community Radio Station

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—I rise today to congratulate Mr Dave Cochrane and the Maitland Community Radio Group in their successful meeting at East Maitland Bowling Club a couple of weeks ago to develop a proposal for an independent community FM radio service for Maitland NSW.

There is a great need and benefit for all residents in my electorate of Maitland, for a Community FM Radio Station. The group is aiming to provide vital safety information, local news and more, and with 100 per cent local presenters, presenting local information focusing only on Maitland and our surrounding suburbs.

Maitland is the fastest growing city outside of Sydney, with a population of nearly 90,000 people, with its own flourishing community, arts and sports groups, which would greatly benefit from having a radio station dedicated to the news, views and information focusing on Maitland. The proposal was supported by many leaders in our community from all sides of business and politics to the arts, culture and sporting groups. Dave has an extensive background in radio and has gathered an enthusiastic and capable team around him.

I thank Dave and the rest of the group for their leadership in undertaking this initiative!