Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—The effervescent and inexhaustible Yvette Cavanagh is a Maitland institution, known for her creativity as a businesswoman; her boundless support for local charities and community support programs; her fundraising prowess for the Cancer Council and, most recently, her response to the COVID-19 crisis. When this woman, who gives so much, struck hard times of her own, her first thought was for others.

As the cinema complex manager at Reading Cinemas Maitland, Yvette was stood down when COVID-19 closed the cinema in March. Before that news was even finalised, the former Maitland Woman of the Year had poured her energy into a new venture. She rallied donations of produce and money, gathered a team of volunteer cooks, set up shop in the kitchen at the Hope Unlimited Church at Maitland, established a delivery network and curated a roster of recipients who could use a free, delicious and nutritious meal during the toughest of times—whether due to changed finances, or exhaustion from working at the coalface of the pandemic.

Yvette's efforts were recently recognised on Channel Nine's Today show, where she was named an Aussie Hero.

Such a well-deserved honour for a true Maitland legend.