Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—Monday 1 June 2020 was the twentieth anniversary of World Milk Day. Milk is an integral part of many cultures' diets around the world, and World Milk Day marks the day that the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations formally recognised milk's importance as a global food. Milk is a vital component of a balanced diet, with some 9 essential nutrients. We take it for granted that milk will always be available – in a glass, on our cereal, in our "cuppa" coffee, tea or milo, or as part of a favourite recipe.

As Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, I know our dairy farmers have done it tough, and we lost far too many during the milk war where big supermarkets cut the price to $1 a litre. I acknowledge and thank the dairy farmers who have farmed on in the face of price wars, drought, bushfire and COVID-19. I salute the support of Dairy Connect, particularly President Graham Forbes and CEO Shaughn Morgan; Dairy Australia and Peter Arkle and James Jackson (NSW Farmers) for their ongoing advocacy for our dairy industry.

It's time to #RaiseAGlass in celebration—a glass of milk, that is.