Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—I wish to recognise the Orange Trout Acclimatisation Society, which first formed as the Orange Fishing Club in 1930. In 1932 the club was renamed the Orange Trout Acclimatisation Society, which accurately reflected their colonising of local waterways with trout fingerlings to support their ongoing traditions and sport of fly fishing.

The Society have enjoyed a strong membership, attested by its 90 continuous years of meeting, which now involves a yearly camping trip on the Macquarie River, where the social aspect of the Society is celebrated. Many of the current members have been actively involved in the Orange Trout Acclimatisation Society for several decades, and I wish to recognise Barry Darley, Glen Cumberland and Rodney Tonkin, each of whom have been members for 50 continuous years.

Fly-casting skills have been fostered within the Society, and members Glen Cumberland and Kevin Laughton have each represented Australia at the World Fly-casting Championships. Fly-caster development remains important to the Society, and member Glen Cumberland is credited with exceptional instructional attributes, benefiting old and new members alike.

The Society continue their traditions of acclimatisation, stocking trout, cod and yellowbelly in local waterways to support ecology and their traditional sport.

Congratulations on your 90th anniversary.