Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland) (20:19): I pay my respects to the late Pat Barden and offer my condolences to her neighbours, many friends and beloved family members. Pat was born Mary Patricia Vile some 96 years ago on a farm at Hillsborough, near Maitland. She went on to attend Maitland Girls' High School between 1937 and 1941 and served as school captain in her final year. During the school week Pat boarded at the hostel located in Brough House. The friendships she forged during this time and her affection for Brough and Grossmann houses endured throughout her life.

In 1955—the year of Maitland's great flood—Pat married Geoff Barden. In time they became parents, then grandparents and finally great‑grandparents. Pat was a founding member of the Maitland repertory society, which was formed in 1947, and was involved in beekeeping for 70 years. She was also the first librarian at Cessnock library. Over the years Pat made substantial contributions to the oral and written family and local histories of our area. Her memories—and her memory—will live on, both in the hearts of those knew and loved her and through the enduring legacy of her recollections. Vale Pat Barden.