COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Thornton Public School, Wrapped In Love Project

I acknowledge the commitment to community citizenship demonstrated by the students, staff, parents and community of Thornton Public School.

In March of this year the school's citizenship program, 'Wrapped with Love Project' saw a number of handmade blankets generously donated to those in need. The blankets are headed to help families impacted by the recent floods and others experiencing homelessness. Each of the blankets are wrapped individually and include a tag that reads: "Wrapped with love from the students, teachers and community of Thornton Public School."

The project, organised by the School's Defence Mentor Yvonne Fletcher included Thornton Public school students, staff, parents and community members who knitted and sewed together the rugs over a number of months.

This year's donations follow on from last year's donation by the School to domestic violence and homelessness service Carrie's Place. It is heart-warming to see the value of citizenship being instilled in school age children by teachers, parents and members of the community in such a practical and caring way.