Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland) (20:06): John Gillam and Yvonne Fletcher are dedicated to acknowledging and honouring the contribution of Australia's armed forces and service personnel in our nation's history. The Headstone Project estimates that as many as 12,000 World War I soldiers lie in unmarked graves across the world. In Untraceable: The Mystery of the Forgotten Diggers John and Yvonne have delved into the war records of many of these veterans whose medals were not forwarded to their families or next of kin. Their research provides an invaluable insight into the disconnection and devastation that wartime service has had on so many of our diggers and their families. I met with John and Yvonne recently. I am inspired by their passion for reconnecting families with their lost ancestors, and restoring their war medals to them or their communities where there is no‑one left in the family. I congratulate John and Yvonne on yet another successful project, which goes far beyond printed words on a page, and which will rightly restore honour, dignity and pride to those who served our nation, and reconnect them with those who were left behind.