Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland) (20:25:40): In late 2017 mother of two Jessica Sidebottom was given a maximum of 18 months to live due to terminal cancer. Despite being taken off her clinical trial, Jessica is defying her stage 4B diagnosis to give back to a community that she feels has given her a great deal. She wants to leave a legacy that will make her children and family proud.

On Friday night she will open the doors to her dream venture—the Collab Store. This will be largely supplied by local small businesspeople who have been unable to operate at markets during COVID-19. Jessica will also hold two fundraising initiatives each month. She will donate $5 from every do-it-yourself necklace made at the in-house bead bar to a different school and she will also donate $1 from every sale to a nominated charity or family of the month to help others as she herself has been helped.

I thank Jessica for her generosity of spirit. I wish her well in achieving her dreams and I wish her family all the best. Jessica, please be assured that we will look after them.