Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)— Just over a week ago my electorate of Maitland was rocked by the news that a visitor to the area, who later tested positive for COVID-19, had attended one of our most-popular pubs. Maitland is not a stranger to COVID. To date we have recorded a total of 32 cases. But we've managed to avoid a positive test in many weeks. The matter hit national headlines and anyone who had attended the East Maitland Windsor Castle Hotel at the same time as the visitor was advised to undertake a test for COVID-19.

Amid the melee of news bulletins and frightened Facebook posts, one man stood calm, rolled up his sleeves and went above and beyond any expectation. That man was Nic Quinn, the owner of the Windsor Castle. Nic wasn't required by NSW Health to close his pub, but he did – he shut the doors and ensured the premises received a deep clean. He sent his staff for COVID-19 testing. And he personally called every patron who was at his pub during the period in question.

Congratulations on your fine leadership, Nic - your patrons, and your community thank you. You're an example to us all.