COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Senior Constables Jenna Stedman and Steve Drane

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland) (00:14:10): I acknowledge the extraordinary compassion and service of two Maitland police officers, senior constables Jenna Stedman and Steve Drane, who recently came to the aid of an elderly couple navigating tremendous loss.

Ilona Griggs' husband of 52 years, Daniel, was receiving treatment at the Mater Hospital for stage 4 brain cancer when she received a call to say that he had just half an hour to live. Ilona does not drive and in desperation she called Maitland police station to ask for help.

Within minutes, senior constables Stedman and Drane were at Mrs Griggs' home to convey her to the Mater Hospital post haste. They then accompanied her all the way to her husband's bedside. Thanks to the actions of police, Ilona was able to sit with her husband, Daniel, and spend a few precious moments with him before he passed. Ilona will be eternally grateful for the senior constables' actions, consideration and kindness.

I thank all of the hardworking police of Maitland and our local police leadership team for nurturing a culture of care and compassion in our community.