COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Multiplex Funding Carrie's Place

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—In the last year in Maitland, there were 432 reported incidents of domestic violence in Maitland. In addition to this, reported sexual assaults were up over 13% in the last five years, with more than a hundred women reporting an assault in the 2020 year. Indecent assaults and other sexual offences increased to 128 in that year. Domestic, Family and Sexual violence is an increasing problem in our community, and whilst it is good that we are seeing more reporting, we need the resources to ensure that victims and survivors are kept safe and able to rebuild their lives. Multiplex, the construction company building the new Maitland Hospital have chosen to fill the gap in Government funding by choosing Carrie's Place Domestic Violence and Homelessness Services as their local charity of choice. Carrie's place has been a vital community asset in Maitland since 1979, providing homelessness services, domestic violence support. Court advocacy, legal clinics and vital resources to those in need. I thank all at Carrie's place and Multiplex for their hard work and dedication to helping the most vulnerable in our community get back on their feet.