COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Michelle Cockbain's Legacy Lives On

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—This Saturday marks the first anniversary of the passing of Michelle Cockbain, a Morpeth mother of four with a heart of gold and a laugh that lit up the room. Michelle was a passionate supporter and sponsor of Maitland Rugby Club and Hunter Valley Grammar Rowing and a local business owner. She lived by the words: "It takes a village". When breast cancer struck, Michelle called on her village to raise funds so that breast cancer researchers could one day help other families from losing their beloved.

Michelle set up Maitland Loves Your Sister and set a fundraising goal of $100,000. She passed away before hitting the target but a group of passionate friends worked on in her honour and exceeded her goal. The funds keep rolling in. Jane Craig of Bolwarra Heights and her father, Jon Wilkinson, have just completed a five-day trek from Michelle's hometown of Dubbo to Morpeth. This raised another $13,000 for Maitland Loves Your Sister.

My heart goes out to Michelle's beloved husband, Andrew, and their children, Sophie, Lauren, Erin and Angus. I acknowledge your tremendous loss and thank you for sharing the memories and legacy of your incredible mother.