COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Maitland's Young Citizen of the Year, Ally Meyn

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—Congratulations to Ally Meyn, who last month was presented with the prestigious 2020 Young Citizen of the Year Award. At just 24 years of age, Ally has turned her passion for helping others into a career with Maiwel, helping people living with a disability or other disadvantage to gain employment. Not only has her passion become a career for Ally, but she has become a mentor to other young people, helping them to achieve their employment goals, and is President of the Hunter Valley Business Network International (BNI) group. Ally works with people who are dealing with various challenges, ranging from mental health issues through to physical disability, and helps them achieve their employment goals.

Through her local BNI group, Ally is also passionate about working with members of the Maitland business community to help make them aware of the value of employing people with special needs. In the past year alone, Ally has played a significant role in helping more than 300 vulnerable members of our community. I commend her for her dedication and success, and congratulate her on being crowned our Young Citizen of the Year.