COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Maitland Newsagents Lindsay and Lyn Patfield Retire

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—If there's a couple in Maitland who deserve a sleep-in, it's Lindsay and Lyn Patfield. For the past 25 years, in all seasons and weather, the two have risen in the wee hours to get the news on the stands and the doors open at Maitland West End News, in the city's CBD.

During that quarter of a century, they have only taken 19 days off, and the only day they closed was Christmas Day. Lindsay and Lyn didn't just sell the news. They delivered the news, with Lindsay clocking up 145 kilometres on his paper run each day, and as any of the journalists around town will tell you, they were a pretty good source of news themselves. If it was happening in Maitland, the Patfields were on it. Lindsay and Pat have sold Maitland West End News and are on the countdown to retirement.

I congratulate them on running a very successful small business for 25 years and for providing such friendly and reliable service to our community. Enjoy your retirement, and lots of sleep-ins. I hope you manage to catch up on all those books you've collected over the years.