COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Maitland Indie Festival and Art Fest

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland): On Sunday 30 May I had the pleasure of launching the Artists Who Write (AWW) exhibition at IF Maitland, also known as Maitland's Indie Festival and IF Maitland Art Fest.

The event was held at the Bolt Space Gallery in Maitland's Levee. The exhibition showcased an array of artists who showcase their art through art and words. From poets, authors, songwriters to bloggers there was a diversity of artists featured during the festival.

Congratulations to artists Barry Maitland, Helen Hopcroft, Richard Tipping, Professor Liz Cameron, Brian Purcell and Professor Kit Kelen as well as Festival Director Graham Davidson, who all had works in the AWW! exhibition. With the creative industries suffering throughout 2020 it is exciting to see these kinds of events start to happen again.

Thank you to the major sponsors of the IF Maitland Art Fest Maitland City Council, Hunter Writers Centre, the Mutual bank and Ingram Spark. It is great to have such fantastic supporters of the arts in Maitland!