Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland) (18:33:33): I speak in praise of Maitland's principals, teachers, administrators, cleaners and support staff for the dedication and agility they have shown while helping our young people and their families navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community deeply appreciates the way that our educators upskilled and adapted at incredible speeds and delivered remote learning to Maitland students while still providing a safe school-based haven for the children of essential workers. Switching to the remote delivery of entire curriculums would usually take months, but it was achieved in just weeks.

In addition, many students required extra support due to poor internet connectivity, access to computers and mental health needs; yet our teachers and our support staff managed to do this while navigating their own health and family concerns, adding a whole new layer of challenges.

On behalf of the grateful community, I thank and commend each and every one of our educators for their role in nurturing and developing our precious young people each and every day, but most especially in these extraordinary and difficult times.