COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Maitland City Council Community Festivals

I congratulate the mayor of Maitland, Councillor Loretta Baker, and the Maitland City Council team - and, of course, all the volunteers - who made such a success of Taste Deconstructed this year. The event was cancelled last year during COVID, so they decided to have it again over three days in different locations.

On the opening night 2,500 people came to the events. It was just spectacular. I went and had a great walk around, looking at all the different foods. I did not sample anything—I was trying to be good—but it was great to see them.

Maitland City Council is working on getting events up for our struggling tourism industry and local businesses. This year we will hold the Aroma Coffee and Chocolate Festival on 14 August and, for those people who love their rail, Steamfest will be back on 11 September.