Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland) (15:43:26): I acknowledge John O'Brien of Jurox, a veterinary medical supply service that specialises in devices and medications in my electorate of Maitland at Rutherford.

The firm employs some 160 full-time staff. Along with Kate O'Mara, the director of special projects at Regional Development Australia, and Meryl Swanson, the shadow assistant defence Minister, and member for Patterson, the other week I was lucky to have a really good look through this amazing facility.

It is such advanced manufacturing. The firm is at the cutting edge in Australia for providing much-needed assistance to farmers. We saw an intra-uterine device that will help in cattle breeding and lead to better outcomes in animal welfare for all animals, eliminating bobby calves being produced. The firm's packaging, development and research is second to none.

I thank the firm so much for the opportunity to see its wares