Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—So many of us take having a home for granted, and almost 120,000 Australians are without a home, every night. In Maitland more than 100 people are officially classified as homeless every night, but we know the numbers are far higher, with many people living in precarious situations, couch surfing or living in cars or on the streets because they cannot find homes.

Thank you to our local specialist and homelessness services including Carrie's Place, Hume Housing, Compass Housing, and the Samaritans Youth Refuge. I also acknowledge the leadership of Katherine McKernan from Homelessness NSW.

I also want to acknowledge the work that volunteers do every day in Maitland to help people in need. From haircuts to hampers and clothing to electricity vouchers, there is great generosity. Thanks also to the Maitland Neighbourhood Centre; Woodberry Family Centre, Maitland Family Support Service, St Vincent De Paul; the Uniting Church Maitland; Real Life Church Maitland; St Peter's Ministry Centre; the Salvation Army; the Grace Community Kitchen; Good Life Church East Maitland; St Michael's and St Paul's as well as Maitland City Council – thank you.

The support you provide brings hope and ultimately homes to those most desperately in need.