Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland) (19:39:14): In the early hours of 10 November in East Maitland a house fire was attended by multiple Fire and Rescue NSW brigades, including 374 Maitland, 455 Rutherford, 382 Morpeth and 454 Tarro.

While the family of six was able to leave the building safely, they were unable to bring out the family dog, Betty, who is much beloved. It took over an hour to bring the fire under control, which did not bode well for Betty. However, soon after things began to settle she was spotted near a second-floor balcony. She was safely rescued by our Fire and Rescue NSW heroes via a ladder platform and returned to the arms of her relieved family members. After a veterinary visit, it was declared that Betty would make a full recovery. The house is ruined, but the family is safe—and so is Betty.

I thank our hardworking Fire and Rescue NSW workers, for whom such events are a daily occurrence but have such a big impact on the lives of those families who face such disasters.

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