COMMUNITY RECOGNITION STATEMENT - Emily Burgess and Chloe Parker - Impressive Young Women

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—One of the great highlights my service as a Member of Parliament is having the opportunity to recognise significant milestones in people's lives.

On the weekend I was at the Honeysuckle Hotel in Newcastle when I was approached by two young women who live in my electorate, Emily Burgess and Chloe Parker. They had each recently received a letter from me: Emily to welcome her to the Maitland electorate, and Chloe on reaching her 21st birthday.

These two impressive young women, came up to speak with me, told me they were out celebrating Chloe's birthday, and thanked me for the letters. We hear all the time about the need to increase young people's engagement with the world of politics and good citizenship, but it is important that we as politicians do not lose sight of the need to take every available opportunity to engage with young people in our communities, and to show them that we do care about improving lives, even if it is sometimes just in the small gesture of honouring their important life events.

Again I say: welcome to Maitland Emily, and Happy Birthday Chloe!