Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—I acknowledge the work of East Maitland RSL Sub Branch to support veterans and their families throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and applaud the emphasis they place on both physical and mental welfare. For example: The sub-branch encourages members and their partners to attend fitness classes at a local gym. Those who attend are only required to pay $5 each; the sub-branch pays the rest. The group also hosts Coffee and a Chat mornings twice a month on a Saturday. This drop-in gathering, open to all, encourages social interaction and good mental health.

There are also some very special individuals who I'd like to mention: John Brien, who supports and helps those lodging claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs; Welfare officer Peter Hedges and his team, who stay in touch with members to ensure they are in good physical and mental health; Secretary Neil Cromarty for his particular efforts to make ANZAC Day a special commemoration for his street during the COVID lockdown, all his work to secure grants, and the sub-branch's comprehensive newsletter; and President Stephen Grimmer, who has informed and engaged members throughout the crisis via email and social media.

Thank you all.