Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland) (17:14:34): Today the Earth Market Maitland marked its third birthday and celebrated its evolution from the great pumpkin rescue to the biodiverse event it has become. None of this would be possible without volunteers Terry Kavanagh, John Brown, Bob Adams, Helen Hughes, Bob Leonard, Anne Kelly and Jenny Rooke, led by Maitland Earth Market Chair Amorelle Dempster.

This small but dedicated crew puts in around 400 hours a year to bring The Levee to life. On market days their work begins at 6.00 a.m. They install the marquees, allocate and cloth the tables, set up signage, manage traffic, connect power, provide water and repair equipment. When the market opens to the public they help farmers on their stands. When it closes at 12.30 p.m. they pull it all down, only to do it all again in a fortnight. Without this committed group, there would be no Earth Market Maitland and there would be no avenue for many of our farmers to sell their local produce.

Congratulations to all the team on all it has achieved.