COMMUNITY RECOGNITION NOTICE - Emergency Services United in Humanity

Ms JENNY AITCHISON (Maitland)—I have, on many occasions, spoken in this place in praise of our Emergency Services personnel and the incredible service they provide to our community, often in a volunteer capacity. Flood, fire, tempest – Maitland sees them all, in what seem to be all-too-frequent occurrences. But whatever the disaster, our emergency services are there. Recently we had State Emergency Services volunteers and New South Wales Fire and Rescue crews answer the call of NSW Police to an emergency of a different kind.

A Millers Forest mare named Dippy got herself into strife shoulder-deep in water and stuck in the mud of a rural property. The services converged, with the SES providing three rescue vehicles and a large animal rescue trailer, plus two SES volunteers who were experienced horse-handlers. After a three-hour operation that involved the removal of shrubs and trees, and the use of a glide and a lifting harness, the horse Dippy was safely pulled from the mire and immediately assessed by a Morpeth veterinarian. I pay tribute to all involved in this unusual rescue – for their skills and expertise, for their dedication and, most of all, for their extraordinary compassion and humanity.