MEDIA RELEASE - School safety survey results are in

Ms Jenny Aitchison MP, Member for Maitland, today welcomed the results of the NSW School Safety Survey, with parents across the Maitland electorate calling for improvements to pedestrian crossings, footpaths, parking, drop-off zones and cycling infrastructure around local schools.

Across NSW, over 3,400 parents, teachers and residents responded to the survey, raising concerns and suggesting ideas on how to improve road safety and encourage kids and families to walk and ride to school, or take the bus.

Parents in the Maitland electorate were mostly concerned about:

  • Crossings (34 per cent)

  • Congestion and construction (13 per cent)

  • Parking (12 per cent) and drop-off areas (12 per cent).

‘Thank you to the 257 people who filled in the Maitland School Safety Survey,’ Ms Aitchison said.

‘There is no easy solution to traffic issues around our schools. We must listen to the parents, teachers and neighbours who know better than anyone how to fix these issues.

‘This survey drills down into the needs of individual schools to show how we can make our streets safer for everyone who lives around, or attends, each school.’

‘I am very pleased to report that people in Chisholm have already had a positive outcome on the issue of connecting the Waterford and Harvest estates in Chisholm which was also identified in my School Safety Survey. The Minister for Regional Transport and Roads has advised me that we will be getting extended routes and additional services.”

“This is why it is so important for parents, carers and the rest of our community to speak out on safety issues. It’s the only way we can make our children’s journeys to school safe.

Shadow Minister for Active Transport, Ms Jo Haylen MP, said that getting families to walk, ride, or catch the bus to school, was better for kids’ health, cheaper, cleaner and, critically, it gets cars off our busy streets.

‘Families across NSW want the option to ride, walk or take public transport, but the Premier needs to build the infrastructure and provide the services to make that possible,’ Ms Haylen said.

Ms Aitchison said “It is inconceivable that in 2020, some of our schools in Maitland still don’t even have pedestrian crossings, crossing supervisors or footpaths. The Government should commit to improving safety and creating local jobs by building this vital infrastructure now.”

Over one million kids travel to and from school each day and the majority continue to be driven, compared to 40 years ago when 70 per cent rode or walked.

“These short trips add to congestion on our already busy roads. If all our kids used more active transport, we would all be able to get to work and study quicker, and be able to spend more time with our friends and families.”