MEDIA RELEASE - Fishers fee relief too little too late

The NSW Labor Opposition has slammed the Liberal-National Government’s fee waiver for Commercial Fishing Management Fees as too little too late. Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Jenny Aitchison called on the Government over a month ago to provide the fee waiver for commercial fishers after the Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall announced that the Government would waive all Local Land Service Rates waivers for farmers. The announcement comes nearly a week after the fees were due to be paid on 28 February 2020, and only applies to the second instalment of management charges. The average instalment each fishing business would have to pay is around $900. “Commercial fishers have been doing it tough for too long, with drought over the last three years, fires over the last seven months, floods and now coronavirus. Some will still be subject to changes to their catch quota due to the Government’s botched reform process.” “Fishers who have already paid the management changes for the February instalment will receive a credit on their account, which means, they will get no cash flow benefit from the changes.” “The hard times are now, the Government should have had this in place much earlier.” “Commercial fishers continue to get treated as second class primary producers by the Nationals and Liberals Government.” #PrimaryIndustries #CommercialFishing #LocalLandServiceRates #MinisterforAgriculture #quotas #JennyAitchisonMP #ParliamentofNSW #COVID19 #Drought #bushfires