MEDIA RELEASE - School Road Safety is No Accident

With kids back at school across Maitland, Jenny Aitchison MP has launched a School Safety Survey to identify ways transport options can be improved to keep our children as safe as possible.

The survey is open to parents, carers, teachers and local residents and invites people to report concerns about safety for families that walk, ride or catch a bus to school.

Survey responses will help identify ways to improve safety, encourage more families to walk and ride, and pressure the State Government and local councils to make changes our community needs.

“We know that the health benefits experienced by children who walk or ride a bike to or from school are immeasurable,” said Ms Aitchison.

“But many parents and carers have legitimate safety concerns that prevent them from encouraging their children to walk or ride.

“Others feel that even a walk to a bus stop is fraught with danger and feel they have no alternative other than a daily drop-off. And even this can be complicated by heavy traffic on narrow roads, inadequate parking and people disobeying signage.

“Through this survey, I hope to help all levels of government identify ways we can make our streets safer and encourage our children to get active.”

The Maitland School Safety Survey can be completed online here.

“Our kids deserve to be safe when they walk, ride or catch the bus to and from school,” Ms Aitchison said.

“I’m calling on parents, teachers, carers and members of our community at large to report safety concerns in their local area.

“Together we can help make our streets safer for our kids.”

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