In recent years Maitland, much like other towns and cities, has struggled to keep its central business district viable by reimagining and activating spaces with innovative events, architectural and design features.

It’s been imperative throughout the process that Maitland retained its connection with the river. Much of that hinged on the success of a new building, aptly called the Riverlink building.

The Riverlink building was recognised for both its design and the role it plays in Maitland’s rejuvenation at the Australian Institute of Architects NSW awards. It was awarded the esteemed NSW Architecture Medallion, the Public Architecture award and the Blacket Prize for design excellence in a regional community.

Judges noted that it was an architectural centrepiece that improved connectivity and celebrated the history, value and ambition of Maitland. It was also lauded for improving the pedestrian connection between the river and the main street.

Congratulations to all who have been part of the project, from genesis to completion.

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