BREAKING NEWS: Government abandons plan to shift jobs from Maitland to Newcastle

A few months ago, I heard about plans by the Nationals and Liberals Government to move 200 Maitland workers to the new Government Hub in Newcastle.

This would have meant these jobs could also have been cut as part of the Treasurer’s announcement that they would be cutting 2,500 public sector jobs (currently the Premier has vowed not to cut any regional jobs).

With the help of the Maitland Business Chamber and the Public Service Association of NSW and the staff involved, I started a campaign to stop the Government from taking our jobs away.

These plans have been on the table for at least three years, and were only put hold in January 2019 until after the State and Federal elections.

I am pleased to say that today in Budget Estimates, the Government advised that there are now no plans to relocate government workers from Minerals House to Newcastle and that they are looking to renegotiate the existing lease or relocate the offices somewhere else in Maitland.

While I welcome the news today, I am very concerned that this may only be another delaying tactic, or that other public sector workers in our community will be at risk of relocation.

I urge anyone who hears of such rumours to come forward so we can ensure we keep all our jobs in our community.

I will continue to advocate for our working people, their families, our community and local business people who rely on these jobs.

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