MEDIA RELEASE - Maitland secures additional transport ambulance and paramedics

Member for Maitland Jenny Aitchison has welcomed the announcement of a new ambulance module for Maitland, which is expected to be available to treat patients by Christmas this year, to be based at the new Rutherford Ambulance Station.

An ambulance module consists of an additional transport vehicle and 12 paramedics. The Government has indicated the Rutherford Ambulance Station will open before Christmas.

“This has been a lengthy negotiation with the Government and, sadly, scores of Maitland patients have had to wait for transport to appropriate medical treatment at hospital before the undeniable need for another transport ambulance has finally been recognised,” Ms Aitchison said.

“I have been advocating to the minister strongly on this issue since we won the fight for a fully public hospital in Maitland.

"I was hopeful last year that after the Government had committed an additional 750 new paramedics across the state, that Maitland would be one of the first areas to receive new paramedics as well as a desperately needed ambulance transport vehicle.

“Initially the Government had not prioritised Maitland for new paramedics and vehicles before the next state budget but after many discussions with the Minister and representations I have made to him on behalf of Maitland residents, I am pleased that the recruitment of the 12 personnel to crew the additional ambulance is expected to begin within days.

“This is a real win for our community and I would like to thank all residents of Maitland who have shared their very personal stories of waiting for an ambulance. I would like to particularly thank Mr Michael Johnson of Rutherford, who has been advocating for more ambulance resources since before I was elected in March 2015. This win is a great credit to his tenacity and I am so pleased that we have been able to achieve these vital services for our community!

“I would like to thank the Health Services Union and their members for their constant advocacy on this issue.

“Most importantly, I would like to thank the many hardworking local paramedics for their constant service to our community.

The extra vehicle will mean that two primary care transport vehicles will operate from Rutherford Ambulance Station on the day shift, along with the Ambulance Rescue truck which remains in service under the new resource and staffing arrangements.

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