I recognise the contribution of Skye Robinson, a big sister with a heart of gold.

Skye worked tirelessly to ensure that her little sister, Karisma, and her peers with special needs were given an opportunity to celebrate the completion of their year 10 studies.

Karisma has an intellectual disability and worked harder than most to complete year 10.

A number of her friends could not afford a traditional coming-of-age celebration and others simply wanted to mark the milestone in a judgement-free environment of acceptance without bullying.

Skye rallied the community to bring those dreams to life. Professional DJ Mark Wilson and hairdresser Tim Tanner from Viva Hair joined the cause. Three photographers volunteered their time to capture every happy moment, some local 4WD enthusiasts came along to keep an eye on proceedings and ensure the students' safety and Woolworths Rutherford provided a cake.

Individuals within the community came forward to donate suits, dresses and car travel.

I congratulate all concerned and I thank Skye Robinson. It is people like Skye who make our community strong.

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