NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley said Labor’s commitment to build the new $470 million Maitland Hospital. Mr Daley said the project was ‘set in stone’. Mr Daley made this commitment made while launching NSW Labor Member for Maitland Jenny Aitchison’s campaign last night.

The then Liberal-National Opposition first announced plans for a new Maitland Hospital back in February 2011. After almost 8 years of Government, three Premiers, and a botched privatisation attempt - the Maitland community, the fastest growing regional city in NSW, is still waiting for a new public hospital.

While the Liberals–National Government races ahead with their $2.2 billion stadiums policy, they have only made a paltry down payment of $25 million towards the new Maitland Hospital.

Quotes attributable to NSW Leader of the Opposition Michael Daley MP

“Daley Labor’s commitment to build a new public hospital in Maitland is ‘set in stone’.

“The Liberals and Nationals’ wrong priorities will see new Sydney Stadiums fast-tracked while Hunter communities are forced to wait. Daley Labor will put a new Maitland Hospital first.

“Unlike the Liberals and Nationals who are trying to hide from the fact that they tried to privatise the Maitland hospital just to get themselves through to the election, Labor knows patients should always be put before profits and we will never privatise the new Maitland Hospital.”

Quotes attributable to Jenny Aitchison, Member for Maitland

“It has taken the Berejiklian Government four years to spend the $25 million that they committed to in 2015.”

“It just goes to show that under Premier Berejiklian the Maitland community will continue to be a distant second to the people of Sydney.”

“This is just another case of the Berejiklian Liberal Government’s wrong priorities.”

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