Member for Maitland, Jenny Aitchison MP, introduced a Notice of Motion into the NSW Parliament today, calling on the Government to immediately reverse its recent decision to axe 35 staff from the Maitland Revenue NSW office.

Recently the Berejiklian Government announced devastating cuts that add to the previous jobs losses from Crown Lands, Family and Community Services and Community Health taking the total number of public sector jobs ripped out of the Maitland electorate to well over 200 in the last 3 years.

Ms Aitchison joined Revenue NSW workers and members from the Public Service Association (PSA) out the front of the Maitland Office last Wednesday to protest the job losses and the continued siphoning of public service positions, despite the Government’s professed desire to decentralise the public service industry.

Ms Aitchison has previously condemned the Government for unfairly targeting Maitland when it comes to spending cuts, having ripped approximately $2.6 million from Maitland’s economy since taking office.

Comments attributable to Jenny Aitchison MP, Member for Maitland

“It’s a total disgrace that another 35 people in Maitland will lose their jobs. This heartless government doesn’t care about the impact on their workers, their families or our local community and small businesses.”

“The Government continues to rip the heart out of Maitland with 75 jobs going from this area. I’ll continue to fight these unfair cuts.”

“Thirty Five job losses at our local Revenue NSW office will be devastating for the local economy and for many in my electorate.”

“It’s another blow for the region from this government and they don’t seem to care about regional communities anymore.”

“This Sydney-centric Berejiklian Government has once again shown their lack of concern for preserving jobs in regional areas.”

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