The Berejiklian Government this afternoon refused to support Labor’s policy to scrap the GST on tampons and other feminine hygiene products. Acting NSW Shadow Minister for Women Jenny Aitchison said such a move would make a big difference to women in their everyday lives. NSW Minister for Women Tanya Davies refused to support Labor’s policy and accused the Labor Party of confected sensitivity on the issue. It is estimated that women spend around $10,000 on such products during their lifetime, or over $200 a year on their periods. Labor believes women should not be taxed on these essential items that enable them to live, work and participate fully in the community. NSW is one of the few states or territories that does not support the removal of what is known as the ‘Tampon Tax’. Women have criticised the tax since it was brought in by the Howard Federal Government in 2000, with the implementation of the GST. Federal Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen announced at the weekend that a future Labor Government will remove GST from the products. Quotes attributable to Acting Shadow Women’s Minister Jenny Aitchison MP “ It is profoundly disappointing that the NSW Minister for Women and the Coalition government she represents cannot find it in any way possible to help women at the most basic level. ‘ “The lives of millions of NSW women would be improved immediately if this tampon tax was removed. Removal of the GST recognises that women should not be charged a tax to deal with their periods." “Labor says to women and girls everywhere that periods are normal, and they shouldn’t be taxed for something that is already a big enough inconvenience in their lives.” "We still have a gender pay gap in a majority of industries. Removing this inequitable tax would be a small boost to income.”

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