The electorate of Maitland is now without a single collection point for the NSW Government’s botched Return and Earn scheme. In the latest example of the flawed roll out of this scheme, the Hotel Tudor in Woodberry has been forced to stop operating as an over-the-counter collection point. At the beginning of 2018, Maitland had two over-the-counter collection points at the Tenambit Takeaway Store and the Hotel Tudor in Woodberry. As a result of the Berejiklian Government’s failure to support small businesses involved in Return and Earn, both businesses have now pulled out of the scheme. Member for Maitland, Jenny Aitchison MP has called on the Environment Minister, Gabrielle Upton MP to immediately intervene and ensure that a reverse vending machine is installed in Maitland. Maitland is the fastest growing city in NSW outside of Sydney and is now without any Return and Earn collection points. Minister Upton has failed to ensure that small businesses involved in the scheme are supported by the NSW Government. Businesses across NSW have been forced to store thousands of cans, bottles and other recyclable material as the company contracted to pick up the containers has failed to collect the material in a timely manner. The Tenambit Takeaway and the Hotel Tudor should be commended for stepping up and playing their part in encouraging recycling in our community. The Berejiklian Government and Minister Upton should be condemned for failing to support small businesses across NSW in the bungled roll out of the Return and Earn scheme. Ms Aitchison is encouraging residents to sign her petition at calling on the NSW Government to install a reverse vending machine in the Maitland electorate.

Quotes attributable to Jenny Aitchison MP:

“It is unacceptable that the Sydney-centric Berejiklian Government has let the Return and Earn scheme fail in the Maitland electorate. Small businesses have been willing to encourage recycling in our community but haven’t been supported by the Government” “The Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton has stumbled from controversy to controversy in the roll out of this container deposit scheme. It is time for the Premier to intervene” “Everyone in Maitland is paying more for their drinks, but they have nowhere to get their refund.”