The NSW Liberal Government has finally walked away from its disastrous privatised PPP model for Maitland. After six years of campaigning by our community, Labor and the unions, the Government has finally: 1. Ruled out a private for-profit provider. 2. Acknowledged the extreme delay in construction and committed to start the hospital a full 12 months earlier - that is by the end of 2017. 3. Acknowledged the funding that the Government had originally committed was inadequate, and increased it to $450 million, with an injection of not-for-profit funding that the Government says will take the total value of the project closer to $800 million. As part of the Labor team, I will continue to hold the Government to account to deliver a hospital that is in the best interests of our community. There are still significant questions to answer around governance, reporting and decision making, the capacity for expansion, the cost of professional indemnity insurance for VMOs, whether faith-based services will be chosen and what impact that may have on the delivery of services. I will be inviting the Minister to come to Maitland again to explain this latest funding model. After six years, the community and staff deserve to know exactly what is on the table.

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