The NSW Cabinet is travelling to the Hunter to conduct a community meeting in Singleton on Thursday 15 June. Member for Maitland Jenny Aitchison is extending an invitation to the Premier to visit the electorate of Maitland to discuss the Government’s plans for the new Lower Hunter Hospital. Ms. Aitchison has been listening to the views of people across the electorate who have overwhelming told her that they want the new hospital to be built publically and they want it to be built now. At a forum held last month, the Government was represented by Chief Executive of Hunter New England Health, Michael De Rienzo. Instead of hearing second hand what the people of Maitland want for the new hospital, Ms. Aitchison is inviting the Premier to hear the views of our electorate for herself. The lack of detail around services and bed numbers shows more smoke and mirrors from a government which has continually over-promised and under-delivered on the urgent need for expanded health services in the Maitland area. Last month a 10,000 signatory petition opposing the public-private partnership for the new Lower Hunter Hospital was tabled and a debate is scheduled in the NSW Parliament for Thursday 14 September 2017. The Government is set to lay down its 2017-18 Budget next Tuesday and it is essential that the Lower Hunter Hospital is allocated more funding to ensure construction can commence next year, as promised. Comments attributable to Jenny Aitchison MP, Member for Maitland:

This Government has failed again and again to listen to the people of the Hunter Region and particularly the people of Maitland. It is time for the Premier to visit our electorate and hear our community’s desire for a fully-public hospital.” “The Premier is visiting the only Coalition seat in the entire Hunter. It is time that she put aside partisan politics and listens to what the entire Hunter community has to say, not just to those who voted for the Government.” “Instead of attending a $950 a head fundraising event, the Premier needs to come to Maitland and listen to the views of the local community” “It has been over 6 years since the Government announced it would build this hospital. The Premier and Treasurer must show their commitment to the project by allocating additional funding for our hospital in next week’s budget.”

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