Tribute to Hilda Walker

It is with great sadness that I inform the House that Hilda Walker, a tireless community advocate in Maitland, passed away last month, aged 86. Hilda started her working life as a nurse and over time she became a carer for her husband, sister, mother and father before their deaths. The hard, emotionally demanding work of carers which is undertaken by so many women in our community is not often recognised as much more formal caring work, but it should be. On top of her personal efforts for her family, Hilda was a stalwart for the Hunter River Branch of the Country Women's Association [CWA], Meals on Wheels, the Red Cross and the Australian Labor Party. A ferocious advocate for her community, Hilda won fights for better traffic management in East Maitland, the construction of the Bruce Street Community Hall in East Maitland and improvements to the hall. She also documented the work of the CWA through the Maitland Mercury for many years. In 2015 Hilda was awarded the Maitland Community Service Award. Hilda's life was one of service to her family and her community. She was an inspiration to all and will be greatly missed.

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