MEDIA RELEASE - No excuse for breaches with new ADVOs

The NSW Opposition welcomes the new plain English Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs) being rolled out across the state today (Saturday, 3 December 2016).

ADVOs are powerful tools, but must be easily accessible and understood to ensure they are effective.

If ADVOs are written in clear and simple language, there will be no excuse for perpetrators breaching them.

Whilst this is a positive step in the right direction from the Baird Government they must commit more resources into essential frontline services for victims and survivors.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research's analysis of ADVOs found 20 per cent of final orders are breached – although it noted these orders were longer in duration than interim or provisional orders, which had a lower breach rate.

Over the 12-month research period there were 4,816 breaches of final orders, 1,693 breaches of interim orders and 1,171 breaches of provisional orders.

NSW Labor will continue to work with the Government to ensure the safety of victims of domestic violence.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Jenny Aitchison

“With the new AVDOs being clear and simple to understand, it will be easier for police to enforce a zero tolerance approach.

“The NSW Government needs to ensure that ADVO breaches are reported and dealt with sternly by the courts, so perpetrators don’t continue to offend.

“There have been too many reports of multiple breaches where the violence has escalated, ending in tragic consequences.

“The government needs to look at strengthening deterrents for people who breach ADVOs.

“Domestic violence is a terrible crime that has intergenerational economic consequences for families, victims and survivors

“Labor will support any measures to curb domestic violence and sexual assault in NSW.”

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