Greyhound Racing NSW

By leave: I had intended to begin by recognising the tireless efforts of the member for Wallsend, who from the outset called out the Baird Government on the greyhound racing prohibition issue and its failure to represent the people of New South Wales.

TEMPORARY SPEAKER ( Mr Lee Evans ): Opposition members will remain silent.

Ms JENNY AITCHISON: I congratulate the member for Wallsend on her fantastic efforts in securing 37,000 signatures in just three weeks, which is very impressive. The contributions to this debate by Government members have led me to wonder about this Government's priorities.

TEMPORARY SPEAKER ( Mr Lee Evans ): I call the member for Kiama to order.

Ms JENNY AITCHISON: So the behaviour of the member for Kiama is indicative of the state of the New South Wales Parliament. That is great! I am very concerned about the greyhound racing ban issue because when I spoke to the one person in my community who was in favour of banning the greyhound racing industry—whereas everyone else I had spoken to was in favour of Labor's position—I was told that 90 per cent of people in the greyhound industry had perpetrated acts of cruelty against animals.

TEMPORARY SPEAKER ( Mr Lee Evans ): I remind the member for Kiama of my previous ruling regarding interjections.

Ms JENNY AITCHISON: Acts of cruelty against animals not only are wrong; what she told me is not a conclusion reached by the McHugh report, which has had approximately 10 revisions—and that also is a disgrace. The Premier, Mike Baird, has not tried to save animals or ensure that they are protected. If he had wanted to do so, he would have implemented Labor's bans on puppy farms and put together an animal welfare package before the last election—just like Labor did—but he has not done that. What the Premier has done throughout his whole approach to this issue is what he does best—divide the community. We all have complex opinions on the issue.

Mr Gareth Ward: Point of order—

TEMPORARY SPEAKER ( Mr Lee Evans ): The member for Kiama will resume his seat.

Ms JENNY AITCHISON: Everyone has complex opinions on the greyhound racing ban issue. There would not be one person in Maitland, throughout this State or even in this Parliament who does not feel for animals that are being treated cruelly. We are all in furious agreement. As the shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, I would love to hear any of the outrage that is being confected by Government members about greyhounds being expressed about the mistreatment, abuse and deaths of women in our State. The position adopted by Government members is outrageous. I am gravely concerned about the priorities of Government members. Do they care about women dying as a result of domestic violence? No! Government members want to kill industries without giving those involved in the industry any chance to implement reforms.

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