Maitland Aboriginal Student of the Year

I congratulate Maitland's Local Aboriginal Student of the Year, Scarlet Avery, from All Saints College, St Joseph's Campus, who is today attending the Emerging Leaders Forum in the New South Wales Parliament. I have just finished having lunch with her and her mum, Heidi. It was an honour for me to award Scarlet with this award at a special ceremony last month for her outstanding commitment to her studies and her community. Scarlet is a very diligent and articulate student who demonstrates strong leadership for the Aboriginal community. Other finalists for this award were: Zoe Crouch, Maitland High School; Belle Leonard, Maitland Grossman High School; Elizabeth Davey, Francis Greenway High School; and Monique Freeman, All Saints College, St Peter's Campus. It is great to have such a fantastic cohort of Aboriginal leaders emerging in our community. I thank their teachers particularly for nominating them and their parents who supported them in this process, and particularly Scarlet's mum, Heidi, who brought her here today. I hope she has gained much from today's forum, and I look forward to seeing the best from her in the future.

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