MEDIA RELEASE: Wear Orange Wednesday to support our SES volunteers

Jenny Aitchison, Member for Maitland, is encouraging local schools, businesses, buildings and landmarks to participate in the NSW SES’ Wear Orange Wednesday (WOW Day) on Wednesday, 11 May, 2016.

WOW Day is a national day of recognition of the 40,000 SES volunteers across Australia, with the public encouraged to show their appreciation in a highly visible way, by wearing orange – the official colour of the SES uniform.

“Many people in the Maitland community have benefited from the support and assistance of our SES volunteers over the last 12 months” said Ms Aitchison.

“Last year SES volunteers spent thousands of hours supporting people in Maitland to respond to flood and storm events as well as assisting other emergency services with rescues and searches”.

“I would encourage all local residents to get involved in WOW Day and wear something orange to support this fantastic cause”.

“This small token will show your appreciation of the many sacrifices our local SES volunteers make to support the community in times of need” said Ms Aitchison.

For more information on Maitland’s involvement in WOW Day call Alexandra Varley, Community Engagement Coordinator of the Maitland City SES Unit on 0417 549 292.

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