MEDIA RELEASE: Small Biz Bus visits Maitland

Shadow Minister for Small Business, Jenny Aitchison, is encouraging Maitland small businesses to take advantage of the expert business advice on offer when the Small Biz Bus visits Maitland next week.

The Bus will be located at the front of Maitland Town Hall, High Street, Maitland, from 9am to 3pm on Wednesday, 4 May, 2016.

The Bus provides face-to-face, personalised advice and information from experienced advisors based on individual circumstances to small businesses at no cost.

“I am really pleased the bus will be in Maitland to ensure our small businesses get the support they need to thrive, which is essential in keeping our local economy strong” said Ms Aitchison.

“Small business is the heart beat of Maitland and provides jobs and services which are essential to our community”.

“Taking the time to speak with an advisor will help business owners ensure their businesses are sustainable and help with issues such as regulation, growth, planning and marketing” said Ms Aitchison.

To book an appointment on the Bus, call Small Biz Direct on 1300 134 359 or visit

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