BOCSAR statistics show domestic violence hotspots

Yesterday I met with Jan McDonald, Manager of Carrie's Place and Moo Baulch, CEO of DVNSW in Maitland. It was a great opportunity to speak with them after the release of BOCSAR statistics showing that Maitland had one of the highest increases in reports of domestic violence last year.

Since my appointment as Shadow Minister a month or so ago I have been meeting with police, health and refuge workers, policy makers, lawyers, victims, teachers, advocates and Politicians from every party from NSW, Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand to discuss responses to domestic violence in our community. In my "spare time" I am working my way through the report on the Victorian Royal Commission.

I am grateful for and humbled by the generosity of so many people in sharing their stories, perspectives and ideas with me. I am often surprised by the amazing level of support for victims I am hearing in our community and the genuine desire to do something positive to prevent domestic and family violence.

We are in a moment where it is possible for us to make a real and lasting difference for people who have been living in fear of violence sometimes for generations.

As a community we must take every opportunity to harness that energy and stop the cycle of violence.

We cannot waste this moment.

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