Maitland Community Men's Shed

Last Saturday I visited the Maitland Community Men's Shed as a part of Men's Shed Week. It was an opportunity to celebrate the amazing role that the Men's Shed plays in the prevention of social isolation. The Men's Shed provides a safe, friendly and welcoming place for men to work on meaningful projects that contribute to our community. I was pleased to learn there are 14 female members of the Maitland Community Men's Shed. Participants undertake all sorts of activities, such as leadlighting, watch repairs, carpentry, gardening, bike repairs and metal work. The inclusion of female members ensures that they too reap the benefits offered by the Men's Shed and their contribution adds to the overall enjoyment of everyone. Those attending the Men's Shed learn new skills and experience valuable human interaction, which helps to keep dementia and depression away. I congratulate the Maitland Community Men's Shed on doing great things in the Maitland community.

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