Tribute to Mark Lomax

Local Lorn resident Mark Lomax and 25 fellow tradespeople from Maitland have established a local campaign to provide donations to those affected by last year's cyclone in Vanuatu. The volunteers have donated everything from pens and pencils to a hot water system and water tank. Most importantly, they have contributed vital equipment that will help to reinstate the water supply to the village of Tanoliu. Mark was inspired to help while on holiday in Tanoliu. He was appalled by the standard of living as well as the medical and educational facilities. It is one thing to be a tourist but it is quite another to commit to providing much-needed aid to our Pacific neighbours. I congratulate Mark and his colleagues on their initiative. I understand that Australian workers are making similar moves to assist in the wake of Fiji's recent disaster. I wish them well in their endeavours.

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